If you love it put a Git on it

What is version control software (VCS), and why use it? Cause it's the tool I would like to have in real life to roll back certain moments. It's a freaking almighty ctrl+z. It allows for safe testing of new ideas without compromising the original -- you beautiful disposable branches! -- Saves the situation from many mistakes.

VCS comes in concurrent or distributed flavors; everyone picks its best. My choice, after trying Subversion, is Git. And one could use it not only for versioning software code. Imagine your note-taking system; with this small addition without any additional service or fee, you cannot only roll back to any point but also share it and allow easy collaboration. So that little project that you are thinking, nah... this is too small to version it, I will start and finish in two days...(I'm thinking of you N) Even that one, make yourself a favor and add Git to it. Cause, in the end, you are just adding a folder, it is not that big of a deal, 3 commands, you don't even need to know much about programming, you could use some user interface if you hate the terminal with all your heart. That's what I would say to myself anyway.

  • If you love it put a Git on it
  • Carmen Maym√≥